iMindMap 10 Review ~ Ultimate / Home & Student Versions

Welcome to the Ultimate iMindMap 10 Review ?

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Sneak Preview of iMindMap 10 (See below!)

"imindmap 10 review" logo Mind Map MadYes, we’re in sneak preview mode folks! Our complete iMindMap 10 review should be ready before the end of the year. In the meantime you’ll find links to all the ThinkBuzan teaser videos highlighting the new iMindMap 10 features we can look forward to!

I’ve written a short commentary on each new feature or improvement where I outline the main points and implications for future workflows, productivity and various other thoughts and observations.

If you’d like to read my major iMindMap 9 review from earlier this year just click below. It’s still totally up to date (and the best independent review available IMNSHO) as iMindMap 9 is still the current version as I write..

What’s more, practically all of the core information in the iMindMap 9 review will still be relevant for our soon-to-come iMindMap 10 review which will be published on this page very soon!

But now, here, without further ado, here’s what’s coming in the shiny-as-a-new-marble iMindMap 10, direct from our friends at ThinkBuzan over there in sometimes sunny ⛅️ and certainly always sheepish ? South Wales!


iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 6
New Tags & Icon Manager

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 5
Imports, Email & Images

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 4
Optimised Brainstorm View

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 3
Enhanced Fast Capture View

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 2
Biggerplate Integration

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

iMindMap 10 Preview: Sneak Peek 1
Enhanced Branch Drawing Tool

"imindmap 10 review" marble Mind Map Mad

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"imindmap 10 review" "Sab Will" Mind Map Mad1) iMindMap 10 is produced by ThinkBuzan, a trading name of OpenGenius Ltd.

2) Sab Will, creator of Mind Map Mad, is an accredited ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor (TLI) in Mind Mapping & iMindMap Software. and an OpenGenius Licensed Instructor (OLI) in Applied Innovation.

3) This means that Sab is qualified and extremely motivated to give dynamic and inspirational training in your organisation or educational establishment using the most up-to-date methods. He specialises in using creative techniques and a highly personal approach to helping businesses find original solutions to the problems and challenges they face on a day to day basis. Get in touch with Sab today to find out how he can help you and your organisation stay ahead of the pack.

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