A Magical Musical Mind Map Tour

A Magical Musical Mind Map Tour

Music Maestro !

Too many of my mind maps have been terribly complicated. Or perhaps I should say not enough of them have been simply functional and fun. That changes today.

I wanted to make a really fun introductory video using iMindMap 10 – YEP, the brand new version as I type in January 2017 – which WASN’T all about mind mapping!

Magical Musical Mind Map Tour map in clouds

Over the months I’ve come to realise that I’m spending too much time on the technical side of mapping and not enough on the creative aspect. I’ve often drawn the parallel with photography: you can be interested in the buttons and gee-whizz specifications, but in the end, if you don’t actually point your camera at anything interesting, or interpret something uninteresting in an interesting way, well… what is the point!Read more…

Robert Dilts – Logical Levels

Robert Dilts – Logical Levels

I’m Gonna Level With You…

If you’ve read me for a while, or even – horror of horrors – actually know me, you’ll be aware that I’m a screaming sceptic, albeit a fairly civil one.

robert dilts logical levels Maslow Hierarchy of NeedsWhat’s a screaming sceptic? Well it’s not as bad as it sounds, and I reckon the world would be a lot better off with a good few more of them to be honest.

A sceptic is simply a reasonably normal human being who doesn’t automatically believe something if it doesn’t make sense. Or hasn’t been shown to be highly likely using unbiased methods. Even is something has been shown to be almost certainly true, a sceptic has no problem if new evidence comes along to the contrary. In fact, he’s delighted, because all he wants is the unbiased, objective truth.Read more…

10 Success Secrets

10 Success Secrets

Success Secrets Smorgasbord

If you’re anything like me, you’ve subscribed to a ridiculous number of mailing lists over the months and years. If you’re even more like me, a lot of them will be selfy-helpy efforts of one type or another.

So when yet another list of ‘success secrets’ slithered into my inbox I groaned of course and… clicked, just in case there were any I hadn’t seen before.

There weren’t many I hadn’t seen before but something about this list, combined with a few other factors, made me fire up my trusty mind mapping program and get creating.

Whether the result is a ‘success’ or not isn’t for me to say, but I hope you get something out of it anyway. Scroll down for a few comments on each of the categories and feel free to say hi in one of our Facebook mind mapping groups to discuss it further!

?This mind map was started in iMindMap 9 and finished in iMindMap 10, in case you were wondering!

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