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Welcome to Mind Map Mad!


We are delighted to see you here! Feel free to explore our Professional Mind Mapping Training and extensive Free Resources below.

Discover All Our Professional Training

Professional, Certified Mind Mapping Training


mind mapping presentation imindmapMind mapping is a powerful tool which can dramatically improve your memory, learning, creativity, organisational abilities and more.

As fully qualified ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructors in Mind Mapping and iMindMap software, Mind Map Mad offers professional training courses to businesses, educational organisations and individuals to help them perform better and improve their results in all areas of their lives.

Some Of Our Courses…


An Introduction To Mind Mapping
(ThinkBuzan certified)

Intensive iMindMap Software Training
(ThinkBuzan certified)

Mind Mapping For Companies
Mind Mapping For Professionals
Mind Mapping For Maximum Success

Mind Mapping For Teachers
Mind Mapping For Students
Mind Mapping For Children

Mind Mapping For Personal Development
Mind Mapping For Families
Mind Mapping For Everyday Life

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Discover All Our Professional Training

Our Free Resources


As true mind mapping enthusiasts, we want as many people to discover this powerful tool as possible. Which is why we offer lots of great free mind mapping resources to introduce you to this fascinating topic, including:

Entertaining in-depth articles on mind mapping
Short, lively mind mapping video tutorials
Downloadable mind map images and PDFs
Original, editable iMindMap files
Hand-picked worldwide mind map news
A friendly mind map group on Facebook
An in-depth mind map FAQ

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Why We Love Mind Maps


Here at Mind Map Mad we love mind maps for three reasons:


Mind maps are wonderfully colourful, creative and crazy, allowing us to have fun, even as ‘serious’ adults, and let our imaginative juices flow.


Mind maps are an extremely powerful way of improving professional performance, learning far more effectively and developing and growing as an individual.


Mind maps are about limitless possibilities, boundless creativity, unleashed imagination and a resoundingly positive focus on a fantastic future.

About Us

Here you can learn what Mind Map Mad is all about and check out some of our cool mind mapping courses. Find out more…

There’s also a section on me, Sab Will, this site’s creator, the Mad Mind Mapper himself, in case you’re interested. Find out more…

The Blog

I publish all my latest mind maps here along with some light-hearted notes to help you understand the thought processes behind it all. There may be occasional guest posts as well as competitions featuring other cool mind maps from around the world. Why not yours?! Find out more…


Mad Gallery

Find all my featured mind maps in one place to interest and hopefully inspire you. Follow the evolution, admire the madness. All the maps are all free to copy and use (non-commercially) in exchange for a simple credit and link back here. Let me know what you do with them and if they help you in any way – thanks 😀 Find out more…

Go Social

We’re all over social media like a spider’s web, so pick your addiction and you’ll probably find us there. But whatever you do, please… Like, Comment & Share on your favourite channel – we love interaction and will reply with enthusiasm, I promise! Find out more…

P.S. A special mention goes to our Facebook Group (Mind Map Mad) where anyone and everyone can join and share their mad mind maps to their hearts’ content. Please get involved – see you there! Find out more…


Our Services

This is where it gets a little serious – but not too much! We actually offer a wide range of professional mind map training for businesses, teachers, students and individuals in a variety of formats: face-to-face, on-line, video training and hangouts, for example.

Our courses are highly flexible so feel free to get in touch to chat about your particular area of interest and we’ll show you how we can help. Find out more…

Get In Touch

Use the simple form on this page to say ‘Hi!’ and ask us anything you like about mind maps and more. I look forward to hearing from you here on Mind Map Mad. Map on! Say ‘Hi!’ now…