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ThinkBuzan produces two versions of its famous mind mapping software…

Buy iMindMap 9 Ultimate   Download iMindMad 9 FREE!   Buy iMindMap 9 Home & Student

Compare the two versions and decide which one you prefer. If you have any questions about your iMindMap 9 free download or mind mapping in general, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at any time.

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Important Instructions (Read BEFORE you buy!)


1) Click the big GREEN button (‘Home & Schools‘ Edition) OR the big GOLD button (‘Ultimate‘ Edition) just above  or below  to choose the iMindMap 9 version you want to buy.

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*Also read the ‘Important Notes’ below before you buy, just in case!

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*Important Notes

1) The Ultimate Version of iMindMap 9 includes the excellent Brainstorming View, 3D View, Presentation Builder, Project View, the brand new Fast Capture View and various other features not included in the Home and School Version.

2) The 10% discount is only available exclusively through clicking the GREEN and GOLD buttons above. It is not available on the ThinkBuzan website at the time of writing.

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*Got a question? No problem! Just drop me (Sab) a line here and I’ll help you out 🙂