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NEW! We’ve just created a brand new iMindMap Facebook Group devoted to discussing the iMindMap software in all its glory. Check it out and join up here:

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We’re all over social media like, well, a mind map! Talking of which, hey, here’s one, sadly lacking in icons for the moment, sorry, but the buttons below should work, fingers crossed!


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Screen Shots


Here are some… screen shots! By definition a screen shot is of a temporary nature, so don’t be surprised if they look somewhat different when you get there…

YOUR Facebook Group

Mind Map Mad Facebook Discussion Group

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Facebook Fun

Mind Map Mad Facebook Group

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Twitter Tribe

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Google+ Genius

Mind Map Mad Google+ Page

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LinkedIn Love

Sab Will / Mind Map Mad LinkedIn Page

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Mind Map Mad Scoop It Page

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YouTubeĀ Yearnings

Mind Map Mad YouTube Page

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Pinterest Pics

Mind Map Mad Pinterest Page

Mind Map Mad Pinterest Page

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Instagram Instants

Mind Map Mad Instagram Page

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Biggerplate Mate

Mind Map Mad Biggerplate Page

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Take MeĀ Home!

Mind Map Mad Home Page

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