Choose Your Mind Mapping Software Wisely

When investing in mind mapping software, the main thing is that you find a product and a culture surrounding it which is right for you. When you do find one you really like you’ll likely be investing a large amount of time and creative energy in it, so choose wisely.

In case you’re interested, here is an alphabetical list of links to some of the mind mapping software products out there. I recommend you have a good look around to make sure you make an informed decision:

ConceptDraw ~  FreeMind ~ iMindMap ~ iMindQ ~ iThoughts
MindGenius ~ MindManager ~ MindMaple ~ MindMapper ~ MindMeister ~ Mindomo
MindView ~ NovaMind ~ The Brain ~ VisualMind ~ XMind

You should also look at a few comparative reviews on mind mapping software. Some brave souls out there have spent a lot of time detailing the precise differences between the various players and if that’s your thing, there’s another avenue for you to explore.

Whichever solution you choose in the end, I hope you’ll enjoy your mind mapping journey, and make sure to check out our friendly Mind Map Discussion Group over on Facebook to chat about all things mapping whatever software (or hand) you use!

What We Use Here At Mind Map Mad

Like most people and companies, we mainly use one mind mapping software solution. We’ve found that for us it’s highly counterproductive to invest time and money in more than one option.

We’ve chosen one we like and are putting all our energy into fully understanding how it works and how we can get the most out of it. You may agree with our choice or you may not. This is not a problem, as we explained above!

If you are interested in finding out what we use and why, then feel free to follow any of the links below and… Happy Mapping!

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